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Our Staff
Master Bill AuvenshineBill Auvenshine, 7th Dan Grand Master Instructor
Grand Master Bill Auvenshine is a bit of an oddity in martial arts; he is paralyzed from the waist down.  He has a unique ability to inspire and motivate.  Wheelchair or not, Grand Master Auvenshine’s students are of a high caliber.


Patty AuvenshinePatty Auvenshine, 6th Dan Master Instructor

Master Patty Auvenshine has extensive knowledge of fitness and instructing, from her twenty-five years of teaching P.E. and Health in the South Fork School District in Kincaid, as well as instructing at the dojang.


003 (125 x 160)Kelly Forestier, 5th Dan, Master Instructor

Master Forestier has been with our school since 2003. He is a very talented instructor. His strengths include breaking and teaching forms. He is a tremendous asset to our school.


James VerscheldenBrenda Chambers, 3rd Dan, Senior Instructor

Mrs. Chambers is great working with younger children.  She is the mom of two of our instructors:  Nate & Ben Chambers.  Mrs. Chambers is very respectful and humble.  She sets a high standard of discipline for herself and our other students.


Chris MagelitzChris Magelitz, 3rd Dan, Senior Instructor

Chris has been with our school since 2003. He is great with the kids because he always makes it fun for them. His strengths include breaking, sparring and self-defense.


Jason MoodyJason Moody, 3rd Dan, Senior Instructor

Mr. Moody has been in taekwondo since 2007 and with our school since 2011. Mr. Moody is one of our competitors and he enjoys coaching his daughter Leviana and his son Marcin.


DSC03509 (125 x 125)Nate Chambers, 4th Dan, Master Instructor

Nate enjoys working with children and always has fun with them.  He is always humble and respectful.  Nate is a tremendous help around the dojang for whatever needs done.


DSC03504 (125 x 125)Ben Chambers, 4th Dan, Master Instructor

Ben always shows a high level of discipline and is always respectful.  He helps set a disciplined atmosphere in the dojang.  Ben does whatever is asked of him and is a great help, whether it is instructing or doing work at the dojang.


DSC03507 (125 x 125)James Verschelden, 3rd Dan, Senior Instructor

James  is always there to do whatever needs done.  James is always respectful and is well liked around the dojang by both children and adults.


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