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Super Tots

Our Super Tots program is for ages four and five. In our Super Tots class, the students learn some basic strikes and kicks, but we focus on attention span and self-control.  This class is fun and fast paced and meets once a week for forty five minutes.



11150608_10153096108868600_5985441542065665200_n (210 x 151)Children’s Class

Our children’s classes are for ages six to twelve. In this class students have a chance for promotion and learn a lot more taekwondo than in super tots class, but still the focus is more on discipline and self-control.  We don’t teach children how to fight, we teach them how to defend themselves and how to avoid fighting.



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Adult Class

Our adult classes are for those students who are thirteen and over and is by nature more disciplined, so the focus is more on fitness, self-defense and learning the art of taekwondo.  We are a traditional taekwondo school, so discipline is an important aspect of all of our classes.

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