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The Black Belt

Most of us begin our training with the hopes of someday becoming a black belt. This is a worthwhile and necessary attitude to have if we do aspire to become a black belt. As we progress through the colored belt ranks, we always have that coveted black belt in our sights. Sometimes though, in maintaining this goal, we begin to lose perspective of the importance of the colored belt ranks. We must remember that the colored belts are the future of taekwondo.

If you stay in taekwondo for a long time, you will undoubtedly wear the black belt for a much longer time than you wore all of the colored belts combined. There will always be more time to become a better black belt. However, the time to practice being a colored belt is limited. It is important to remember that before we become a black belt that we must first become a yellow belt, then a green belt, and so forth. So in order to become the best black belt we can be tomorrow, we should train today with the goal of being the best colored belt we can be today. Remember, the only way to reach the top of the mountain is to learn well the path that leads to it!

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